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11+1 reasons why travelers love Sifnos Greece (and you will, too)

By Ferriesingreece on 31-10-2018

So you’re planning your next holidays to Sifnos Greece? Have you already been to Sifnos? You’ve never heard of it? (This is too bad, btw) Whatever your answer might be, you happen to be in the right place, reading the right article! Why? Cause we’re gonna let you in on every secret of this amazing […]

What’s your Greek island perfect match? – Fun Quiz

By Ferriesingreece on 26-09-2018

It may be hard to find your perfect match in real life, but it’s the easiest thing to find your perfect Greek island match! Take this fun quiz and let your answers decide where your next holidays in Greece will be. Ready?

Ios Greece for dummies: Is it worth the hype?

ios chora

By Ferriesingreece on 07-08-2018

Let us guess what the one thing you already know about Ios Greece is. Probably that it is the ultimate party island, full of young people drinking and dancing the night out, right? Well, this is half the truth. You see, strange as it may seem, Ios happens to be a great place to unwind, […]

Why is Naxos so famous?

naxos town

By Ferriesingreece on 23-07-2018

What if you could lay under the sun, at an exotic beach, surrounded by lush Cycladic nature? Well, that’s what you get in Naxos. Along with many other (amazing) things that make the island so famous! Truth is you can expect nothing less from the biggest and greenest island of Cyclades island complex. Full of […]

Everything you need to know about the marvelous Ithaca island


By Ferriesingreece on 03-07-2018

Shh…This blog post is confidential. Why? Because Ithaca is the definition of a secret paradise that has managed to stay off the beaten tourist trail! But one thing is for sure. Its peaceful and mysterious atmosphere will make you want to stay there forever! Though, why wouldn’t you? The vibe of Ithaca is simply irresistible! […]

A first timer’s guide to Skiathos island

lalaria beach skiathos

By Ferriesingreece on 25-06-2018

So, you’re planning to spend your holidays in Skiathos for the first time? Chances are, you’ve already done your research. But are you sure you know the true highlights of the island? Probably not! But, no worries here. We did the hard work just for you. We gathered our favorite highlights of Skiathos island and […]

Kefalonia: Your cheat sheet to unforgettable holidays

kefalonia beaches

By Ferriesingreece on 21-06-2018

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Kefalonia is one of the most photographed places ever! This island just seems to be adored by photographers and directors all around the world. It’s not surprising that the famous Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mantolin” was filmed in Kefalonia. Wondering what is the secret element […]

5 reasons why Crete is love at first sight

crete beaches

By Ferriesingreece on 17-06-2018

If there’s one thing you should know about Crete, is that it just ticks all the boxes! Amazing beaches, traditional hotels, natural beauty, perfect island hopping itineraries, easy access… And we could go on forever. You actually have to make effort to find something missing from Crete island. So, since there’s nothing to hate, there […]

Getting a ferry from Athens to Mykonos made simple (plus all the tips)

ferry to mykonos

By Ferriesingreece on 13-06-2018

So, you want to travel with a ferry from Athens to Mykonos? Let us guess. You don’t know much about the details of this popular route. No problem, because we’re here to help! Stick with us and you’ll learn everything about travelling from Athens to Mykonos like a pro! Shall we start? Why Mykonos? Well, […]

Ferry from Athens to Santorini – all the travel hacks you need to know

ferry to santorini

By Ferriesingreece on 25-05-2018

Want to know all the pro tips for travelling from Athens to Santorini? Then, you’re reading the right text! Travelling to Santorini is a dream coming true for many. But, it can also become complicated, if you don’t know all the tips that will make your trip smooth. Well, we’re here to offer our help! […]