How to travel from Athens to Mykonos (best ferries, prices, tips)

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So, you want to travel by ferry from Athens to Mykonos?
Let us guess. You don’t know much about the details of this popular route.
No problem, because we’re here to help!
Stick with us and you’ll learn everything about traveling from Athens to Mykonos like a pro!

Shall we start?


Why Mykonos?

Venetia Mykonos

Well, this question is not a really hard one to answer!

Extreme nightlife, glamour, crowded beaches and party till the sun comes out. And these are not even half of the reasons why Mykonos is such a popular destination!

Mykonos has a traditional beauty, apart from its party scene. Its main town, Chora is the perfect example of Cycladic architecture. Cycladic white and blue little houses, narrow paths, and cute churches create the perfect scenery for unforgettable holidays.

What’s more, Mykonos is famous for its traditional windmills. You will find them near Chora and you bet they will be your favorite photo background.


On a ferry from Athens to Mykonos

ferry to mykonos

The good thing is, ferries from Athens to Mykonos are frequent! This means you don’t have to worry whether you’ll manage to catch a specific ferry.

During the summer, there are more than 4 daily ferry routes from Athens to Mykonos. Expect to do a 3 to 6 hours trip, depending on the type of the ferry you’re traveling with. As for the ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos, they will cost you around 20 € to 60 €. Find all the schedules by ferry between Athens and Mykonos.

The main ferry companies connecting Athens with Mykonos are Blue Star Ferries, Seajets and Hellenic Seaways.

But let’s take a closer look at each one of them!


Blue Star Ferries

Blue Star Ferries is one of the leading ferry companies in Greece. It serves itineraries from Athens to Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese islands.

Every morning at 7.30 there is a ferry from Piraeus port, in Athens, to Mykonos. This ferry will get you to Mykonos in about 5 hours. This means that you’ll be at Mykonos, ready for your holidays, at 12.45! Before it reaches Mykonos, though, the ferry stops at the islands of Syros and Tinos.


Hellenic Seaways

During the summer months, there is a Hellenic Seaways ferry from Athens to Mykonos. This ferry departs at 16.00 from Piraeus port and arrives at Mykonos in less than 5 hours. This itinerary may serve you if you prefer an afternoon trip to Mykonos!

Are you traveling to Mykonos from Rafina port?

Then, there is a Hellenic Seaways ferry departing almost daily from Rafina to Mykonos. This ferry departs from Rafina at 7.15 in the morning and arrives at Mykonos at 9.30!



Seajets ferries travel from Athens to Mykonos, from the port of Rafina. There are 1-2 ferry routes from Rafina to Mykonos daily. More specifically, there is usually one ferry from Rafina to Mykonos at 7.40 in the morning, arriving at Mykonos at 9.55. There is also a daily ferry from Rafina to Mykonos, departing from Rafina at 15.00 (sometimes 14.50) and arriving at Mykonos at 17.05.

Traveling to Mykonos straight after arriving at the airport?

Then, Rafina port is the perfect option for you. Given that Rafina port is closer to Athens International Airport than Piraeus port, it is a more convenient choice. Several ferries from Rafina to Mykonos depart every day. The companies serving this itinerary are, apart from Seajets and Hellenic Seaways, Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries.


How to book your ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos

psarou beach mykonos

Greek ferries, in general, aren’t usually overbooked. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Especially July and August are the months when ferries are more likely to be overbooked. That’s why we recommend you pre-book your ferry tickets online.

After booking your ferry tickets online, you’ll have to pick them up from a specific spot. Pick up points vary, depending on the ferry company you’re traveling with.

An even more convenient option is to have them delivered to you. Therefore, you’ll get straight into your ferry, without having to wait to get your ticket.

Easier, isn’t it?

An alternative is to buy your ferry tickets at a travel agency. You can simply walk into a travel agency during your stay in Athens, ask for information about the routes and select the one that serves you.


Getting from airport to port

piraeus port athens to mykonos

So, you’ve just arrived at Athens airport and planning to get to the port.

We know what you’re thinking.

You better avoid unnecessary delays and hop on your ferry in time, right?

We’re on the same team here! That’s why we present you with all the possible options to get from the airport to the port smoothly.



If you’re planning to go from Athens airport to Piraeus port by taxi, it will take you about an hour. As for the price, you’ll pay 50 € to 60 €.

Otherwise, if you’re traveling to Mykonos from Rafina, the distance from the airport to Rafina is about 15 minutes. Expect to pay something between 25 € and 35 €.



Taking a bus to Piraeus port is a much cheaper option. This is because the bus ticket will cost you just 6 €!

Bus service from Athens airport to the Piraeus port is provided 24/7 all year round, including holidays. The bus serving the itinerary to the Piraeus port is X96. It will get you to Piraeus in about 90 minutes.

You can buy bus tickets at the info/ticket kiosks, which you’ll find between Exits 4 and 5 at the airport. What’s more, the X96 bus has frequent routes, leaving every 30 minutes from the airport.

Is your ferry leaving from Rafina port?

Then taking a bus from the airport to Rafina is a good option. The bus to Rafina is leaving from a bus stop between Exit 2 and Exit 3 of the airport. The routes are frequent, as the bus departs from the airport approximately every one hour from 6.00 until 21.45. The best part is the bus ticket costs only 3 € and you can buy it from the bus driver.

As for the distance, it will take around 30 minutes to arrive at Rafina Port.


Getting from downtown Athens to port

monastiraki square athens

Are you in downtown Athens enjoying some sightseeing before your island trip?

No worries! Getting to Piraeus port from downtown Athens is quite simple.


Getting to Piraeus port from downtown Athens using the metro (Line 1) is the easiest thing!

Taking the metro from Monastiraki Metro station, at Monastiraki Square or from Omonoia Metro Station, at Omonoia Square, will get you to Piraeus in 20-30 minutes. As for metro tickets, they cost 1.40 €.

Metro is open from 5.30 in the morning, till midnight. Plus, it has frequent routes every 5-10 minutes.


Arriving at Mykonos Port

mykonos new port

Traveling by ferry to Mykonos means you’ll arrive at Mykonos New Port, in Tourlos area, 2 km away from Mykonos Town. Once you get there, you’ll have to get a taxi to downtown Mykonos. An alternative is to take a bus or your hotel’s bus, which will get you straight to your hotel in Mykonos!

Sometimes, ferries arrive at the Old Port of Mykonos. This happens especially with SeaJets ferries. In this case, the ferry will arrive directly to Mykonos Town.

Our advice is to make sure which port you arrive at, to plan your transportation.

Extra Tip: A good idea to get smoothly from Mykonos port to your hotel is to book your transportation either with a transportation company or with your hotel.


All in all, traveling from Athens to Mykonos isn’t that complicated, right?

So, book your ferry tickets to Mykonos and let the adventure begin!

And, believe us when we say this, you won’t want to leave.

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