Athens to Milos by ferry: Summer Schedule 2024

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So you choose Milos for your summer 2024 holidays!

Congrats! You will spend some time on one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean sea.

No wonder Venus de Milo, the sculpture symbol of beauty, originates from this tiny Cycladic island!

Although Milos has a National Airport, its capacity is limited. So, traveling to Milos by ferry from Athens is the most popular way to reach the island.

Why Milos?

The question has been already answered by the increasing number of tourists that choose Milos as their holiday destination.

If we could sum up the reasons to just a few, those would be:

Beaches. You won’t have a hard time finding an amazing place to swim since guess what, all Milos beaches are nothing less than amazing!

Sarakiniko. You have probably already seen those out-of-this-earth pictures of this coastal, white-rocky place with the weird name but trust us when we say that in real life it is even more fascinating. Once you will be there, you will definitely learn to pronounce it correctly and remember the name for the rest of your life.

Kleftiko. The must-do sailing tour on the island will take you to the sea caves of Kleftiko with crystal-clear turquoise waters. No need for any further description here.

Klima village. This photogenic fishing village is as if taken out of a postcard. To add up more to the whole experience, book your stay on the island to one of the traditional “sirma” houses and you won’t regret it for a minute!

On a ferry from Athens to Milos

So the decision is taken, now how do you get there?

As you already know, reaching the island by ferry from Athens is what thousands of tourists do every year.

Being a popular destination, ferry schedules are frequent from the Greek capital to Milos, especially during the summer season counting more than 5 daily ferry crossings.

The majority of ferries to Milos depart from Piraeus port, which is located 12km from the Athens city center. While there is a ferry departing also from Lavrion.

The ferry companies that perform this route are Seajets, Minoan Lines and Zante Ferries. Some of these companies have already announced their schedule for this summer and online ticket purchase is available. Other companies will announce their schedule in April/ May.

Indicative itineraries from Piraeus to Milos

07:40 with the Seajet arriving at 11:05 in Milos

09:00 with the Seajet arriving at 11:40 in Milos

15:50 with the Seajet arriving at 19:15 in Milos

The fastest option is 2 hours and 40 minutes for the trip duration, while the longest is 7 hours. An average trip will last 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Ticket prices differ according to the ferry company and the vessel. It ranges from 49€ to 74.7€. It can get higher if you book for business class.

Note that Milos belongs to the West Cyclades. The trip by ferry may also include some stopovers to other islands, such as Serifos and Sifnos. Make sure to listen to the announcement carefully when disembarking the ferry.

Where and when do I buy my ticket to Milos?

You can buy your tickets to Milos online.

On our booking engine, you will find all itineraries available so you can compare prices, duration, and departing time, and choose the most convenient to your needs.

Tickets to Milos sell out quickly during the high season and early booking (3 months ahead) is recommended.

When do I collect my tickets?

After booking your ferry tickets online, if you are traveling with SeaJets or Minoan Lines you will receive an e-ticket which you can save on your phone or print and show to the ferry crew when boarding the ferry.

If you travel with Zante ferries, you will receive a voucher. The voucher will be indicating the specific ticket pick-up point which is in Piraeus Port, at a kiosk that is right in front of the vessel. Of course, if you want to avoid the queue at the kiosk, you can always ask to have them delivered to you. It is strongly recommended to buy and collect the return or island hopping tickets as well.

An alternative is to buy your ferry tickets at a travel agency. You can simply walk into a travel agency during your stay in Athens, ask for information about the routes and select the one that serves you. Unfortunately, if you are travelling during thehigh-season, vessels will likely be overbooked and no available tickets can be bought.

Island hopping

Hopping on an island from Milos in order to continue exploring the lovely Cyclades is very popular. Some of the most popular island-hopping destinations are Kimolos, Santorini, Sifnos, Serifos, and more. You can check all available here. When you decide upon your new destination, you follow the exact same procedure and buy the tickets online.

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