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Getting a ferry from Athens to Mykonos made simple (plus all the tips)

ferry to mykonos

By Ferriesingreece on 13-06-2018

So, you want to travel on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos? Let us guess. You don’t know much about the details of this popular route. No problem, because we’re here to help! Stick with us and you’ll learn everything about traveling from Athens to Mykonos like a pro! Shall we start? Why Mykonos? Well, […]

Ferry from Athens to Santorini – all the travel hacks you need to know

ferry to santorini

By Ferriesingreece on 25-05-2018

Want to know all the pro tips for traveling from Athens to Santorini? Then, you’re reading the right text! Traveling to Santorini is a dream coming true for many. But, it can also become complicated, if you don’t know all the tips that will make your trip smooth. Well, we’re here to offer our help! […]

Mykonos island hopping: The ultimate guide

Windmills Mykonos

By Ferriesingreece on 18-05-2018

Want to know a secret about Mykonos island hopping? There’s more than just spending your holidays in Mykonos, when in Greece! There are so many ferries from Mykonos to Santorini and numerous other beautiful Greek islands! This means Mykonos island hopping is a must! Already planning to hop on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos […]

You’ll NEED to visit Koufonisia and Small Cyclades after reading this

koufonisia island greece

By Ferriesingreece on 17-05-2018

Have you ever heard of Koufonisia islands in Greece? Well, let’s say you definitely should! Why? Because Koufonisia, together with the rest Small Cyclades islands are hidden treasures worth to be explored. But more on that later! For now, let’s move straight to some geographical information! The small Cyclades The small Cyclades is a complex […]

3+1 reasons why you’ll have an instant crush on Milos Greece

Sarakiniko beach Milos Greece

By Ferriesingreece on 16-05-2018

Milos Greece might be the paradise on earth. And we can prove it! Just imagine: Beautiful beaches with emerald waters, playful colors, a unique natural landscape, peaceful atmosphere and romantic sunsets getting your holidays in Greece to another level. From the stunning Milos beaches to the yummy Milos food, all the signs will show you […]

Santorini to Mykonos island hopping (plus 3 more magical Greek islands)

Oia Santorini

By Ferriesingreece on 15-05-2018

Well, travelling with a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek island hopping routes. But is it the only one? You bet it isn’t! The main reason why Santorini is the ideal starting point for island hopping to other Greek islands of the Aegean Sea is its close distance from […]

(Drum roll please…) Our New Website is finally here!

By Ferriesingreece on 14-11-2017

After much effort, even more, coffees and unlimited creativity the new Ferriesingreece website is really happening! We combined our high tech minds and our creative spirits to make your ferries booking experience pure fun. Take a look at the updated website and let us know what you think. Warning: You might find it impossible to […]

Secret Escapes in Greece: Tilos

By Ferriesingreece on 27-09-2017

Located in the southernmost part of the Aegean Sea and administratively belonging to Rhodes island, Tilos is one of the secret escapes of Greece with magnificent beauty and small size. You can reach Tilos by ferry from Piraeus and the trip lasts about 18 hours. Along with the even smaller islands of Gaidaros and Antitilos, […]

Kefalonia: Wine Tourism

By Ferriesingreece on 16-09-2017

Kefalonia, the big island of the Ionian Sea, situated on the northwestern side of Greece is considered by many a paradise and not unjustifiably. Kefalonia not only boasts amazing natural beauty and unspoiled beaches but is also the center of a new trend growing now, known as “wine tourism”. Wine tourism comprises of people who […]

Lefkada: The True Ionian Experience

By Ferriesingreece on 15-09-2017

Lefkada is one of the most renowned island destinations in Greece and belongs to the Ionian complex, which constitutes of seven different islands in the west part of the country. All Ionian islands are famous for their amazing lengthy beaches with deep blue-green waters, rich forests as well as the characteristic influence of the Venetian […]