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This blog is dedicated to giving information about Greek ferries but also ferry destinations, routes & schedules.

Islands close to Athens by Ferry

By Ferriesingreece on 11-12-2013

Located in the center of Greece, Athens is the main gateway to the Greek islands. Most Greek ferries to almost all the islands of the Aegean Sea depart from the ports of Athens. Some islands are found in long-distance from Athens and need many hours of a ferry traveling to go. However, there are also […]

Travel by ferry to Crete

By Ferriesingreece on 04-12-2013

With millions of visitors every summer, Crete is connected in many ferry schedules to Athens, other Greek islands and few ports of the mainland. Traveling by ferry to Crete is easy and comfortable, particularly in summer season.   # From Athens There are Greek ferries from the port of Piraeus, the central port of Athens, […]

The Ports of Athens

By Ferriesingreece on 27-11-2013

Athens, the capital and transportation hub of Greece, actually has three large commercial ports that serve passengers to the Greek islands and few ports on the mainland. The ports are actually where Greek ferries to almost all the islands depart from.   Port of Piraeus Piraeus is the largest and busiest port of Athens. Located […]

Best Greek islands to visit by ferry from Athens

By Ferriesingreece on 19-11-2013

Traveling by ferry is the most enjoyable way to get around Greece. The majority of ferries to the Greek islands depart from the port of Piraeus in Athens and only few ferries depart from the other two ports of Athens, Rafina and Lavrion. In particular, Rafina and Lavrion have more ferry schedules in summer and […]

Travel by ferry from Greece to Turkey

By Ferriesingreece on 05-11-2013

It is very easy to travel by ferry from Greece to Turkey, especially in high season. There are many ferries from the Eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese islands to port towns and tourist resorts of Turkey. As the distance between the two coasts is small, the trip is short. Most ferries run only in summer […]

Economy vs Business Class in Greek ferries

By Ferriesingreece on 04-11-2013

When booking online ferry tickets to the Greek islands, you will notice that most ferries in Greece have economy and business class. Which is the difference between these two types of tickets? The characteristics of the economy vs business class in Greek ferries vary in every company, even in every vessel. In this text, we […]

Welcome to our blog!

By Ferriesingreece on 03-11-2013

Welcome to our blog! This is the blog of, the most popular website for booking ferry tickets to Greece and the Greek islands! Our website is the most complete guide about Greek ferry tickets that you will find on the web. We cooperate with almost all ferry companies in Greece, therefore you will find […]