(Drum roll please…) Our New Website is finally here!

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After much effort, even more coffees, and unlimited creativity the new Ferriesingreece website is really happening! We combined our high-tech minds and our creative spirits to make your ferry booking experience pure fun. Take a look at the updated website and let us know what you think. Warning: You might find it impossible to wait until you book your next holiday itinerary!

So, what’s new?

# A completely different design – basically an eye candy

Our new website has been developed by the very creative design team of Codibee.com and has a modern design that creates a fun online environment, where you can feel welcome and secure to navigate and book your ferry tickets.
Plus: Have you seen our new creative logo and branding? If not, you really should.

# Our new cool tool will make your life easier

If you want to travel by ferry and you can’t find direct ferry routes, don’t worry. You can take advantage of our new tool and find alternative ferry connections. This means you will travel to your final destination, making one connection at some point in your route. To make things simple- Step 1: You see all the alternative routes and you choose the one you prefer. Step 2: You see an animation display of your route, including all the details of the connection you have chosen. Explore it now!

# Book your holidays, while you’re doing your grocery shopping

Our updated website is responsive to all desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets to make sure you can book your ferry tickets fast and easily from any device.

# E-ticket is the next big thing!

We are always a step ahead when it comes to digital facilities, regarding your ferry tickets. E-ticket is hands down, the easiest way to make sure that your ticket is always with you. If you’re booking your tickets with “Hellenic Seaways” and “Golden Star Ferries” companies, you have the option to get an e-ticket. No more printing, you have the ferry ticket to your next dream destination right on your mobile device!

# We love every currency

Now you can book your ferry tickets in the currency of your preference, without having to convert euro prices in your country’s currency.

# Don’t feel like dates are limiting you

We have created an updated smart calendar that not only presents you with the available itineraries on the dates you have selected, but also the available previous and next dates- because holidays are freedom. In this way, you can change one of your selected itineraries and modify the dates you had originally entered at the same time.

# PayPal is our buddy

All your purchases can now have the quality, speed, and safety that PayPal provides. By incorporating the leading online payment service on our website, we ensure that your transactions are made according to the highest online payment standards.

# On our website, you feel safe and sound

The updated ferriesingreece.com uses the latest online security technology to guarantee a super safe online booking experience. Our server is 100% secure and we have certified PCI Compliance. More info.

# Book your ferry and explore your routes in seconds

The new ferriesingreece.com has been designed to focus on offering a quality booking service that ensures that you book and get your tickets in just a few simple steps. We made booking procedures that simple, you’ll book your holidays before you’ll know it!

# We make you feel like you’re already there

We love Greece as much as you do and you can see it just by visiting our website! You can learn all you need to know about your favorite destinations with a few clicks. If you think that our descriptions and suggestions aren’t enough for you, we got you covered with some helpful info for your journey, such as:
– Maps showing the ship departures
Live maps that show the ship’s position in real-time
– Technical info regarding the ships
– Amazing photos from every island and port in Greece
– Photos of every ferry company’s fleet

The wait is over! Live now the ultimate booking experience: book the tickets to your dream destination and learn everything you need to know about it at ferriesingreece.com . Hurry up, your next unforgettable travel experience is one ferry away!

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