Kefalonia: Wine Tourism

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Kefalonia, the big island of the Ionian Sea, situated on the northwestern side of Greece is considered by many a paradise and not unjustifiably. Kefalonia not only boasts amazing natural beauty and unspoiled beaches but is also the center of a new trend growing now, known as “wine tourism”.

Wine tourism comprises of people who retain a keen interest in wine and wine tasting as well as discovering new local varieties that only grow in specific places across the country. May to October is the ideal period to partake in a wine tour.

Kefalonia produces both red and white wines such as Moschofilero, Robola, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay and more. The reason why Kefalonia is by far one of the most favorable wine destinations owing to the fact that the island abounds in vineyard fields which are cultivated for one and sole purpose: to provide excellent quality wine and tsipouro (alcoholic beverage).

People from all over the world seem to become familiar and interested in the Greek wine and its long tradition since they are not only interested in tasting it but also in participating in the harvesting, collecting and production processes. Moreover, along with the tour guidance by experts, visitors and participants are provided with information about the various Greek recipes that can be greatly combined with the wine. Kefalonian cheese tasting is also part of the experience in many tours.

There are various excursions organized in Kefalonia where you can go around the island and explore local wineries, cellars and meet producers thus acquiring a first-hand experience of the treasures of the island.

Some accommodation complexes also grow their own vineyards and so guests have the chance to be an integrated part of the experience.

Combining the fresh air and blue waters of the island with the steep cliffs and the amazing view, you can also enjoy this type of different activity and make your visit to the island unforgettable.

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