3+1 reasons Milos Greece will make you fall in love

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Milos Greece might be the paradise on earth. And we can prove it!

Just imagine: Beautiful beaches with emerald waters, playful colors, a unique natural landscape, a peaceful atmosphere, and romantic sunsets getting your holidays in Greece to another level.

From the stunning Milos beaches to the yummy Milos food, all the signs will show you that your next holidays will be in Milos!

What about getting to Milos?

It’s the easiest thing!

There is a ferry from Athens to Milos departing from the port of Piraeus almost every day. There are also frequent ferry schedules to Milos from many Cyclades islands, including Santorini, Ios, Folegandros, Sifnos, Paros, and more.

Aren’t you convinced yet?

By the end of this blog post, you won’t be able to hold yourself from hopping on a ferry to Milos Greece!


The breathtaking Milos beaches

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend each day of your holidays in Milos at a different beach?

Well, you can, because Milos Greece has so many simply breathtaking beaches.

But choosing will be a hard task!

From white to black, pebbled to sandy, with emerald to deep blue waters, the beaches in Milos are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Here are some of the best Milos beaches you just can’t miss:


Sarakiniko beach Milos

Sarakiniko is an impressive beach located on the north-east side of Milos. It is one of the most famous Milos beaches, due to its white, rocky landscape. The beach is not organized, though. So it’s a good idea to take a towel, a sunscreen lotion and an umbrella with you when you visit it.

Trivia: A volcanic eruption formed the whole beach, so it looks like a moon terrain.

How cool is that?

What’s more, Sarakiniko Beach used to be the refuge of the Saracens, the wild pirates of the Mediterranean Sea.


Tsigrado beach Milos

The perfect choice for adventure lovers!

Tsigrado beach is a sandy beach with turquoise waters and little caves. What’s more, it is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs! It is an exotic, unorganized beach and you can reach it climbing some steep stairs or by the sea with a boat.

You’ll find Tsigrado in the south part of the Island, close to Provatas Beach.

Tip: Visiting the beach with kids? It’s better to take a boat instead of climbing the stairs as it is a safer option.


Firiplaka beach Milos

Next to Tsigrado, in the south part of Milos, you will find Firiplaka Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

What’s special about this beach?

Firiplaka is famous for “Cave Rock”! This is a big rock, located in the middle of the beach, formed by another volcanic eruption that happened in the past. This beach is not organized, but it has small pebbles, creating beautiful rocky scenery.


Provatas beach Milos

Provatas is a family-friendly, organized beach. It is also known as “the Golden Beach” due to its golden sand.

The waters of Provatas beach are shallow and crystal clear, so it is the perfect beach option for little kids.

Tip: Feeling hungry after your swim? Don’t hesitate to go to the nearby taverns and taste some delicious fish and seafood!


Achivadolimni beach Milos

Achivadolimni or Chivadolimni is a popular and clean beach! You can easily access it by car and public transportation.

If you love kitesurfing and windsurfing, you will love this beach, thanks to the strong winds during May-late September.

The bottom line?

This sandy beach is also suitable for families with young children and for water sports athletes.

Tip: If you are thinking about visiting Milos with friends, there is a Camping area available close to Achivadolimni.


The delicious traditional Milos food

It goes without saying that all Cyclades islands are famous for their local dishes and traditional products.

Milos is no exception! It offers a wide range of local products that will amaze you with their taste. The traditional taverns of Milos serve the most delicious local dishes!

What’s their secret?

Simplicity! The ingredients are of premium quality and produced locally in small amounts.

So, if you want to have the ultimate taste experience in Milos Greece, here’s what you should definitely try!



“Koufeto” is a small candy, offered traditionally to the guests after the wedding ceremony.

Milos’ version is a dessert based on sweet pumpkin pieces cooked in sugar, local honey, and almonds. Bride’s mother offers it symbolically to the newly-wedded couple to bring them good luck and fertility.

Whether you have wedding plans or not, the taste is unique –buy a jar to bring back home!



“Pitarakia” means small pies in Greek. And that’s exactly what they are.

Their recipe is quite simple! You can find the dough filled with all sorts of ingredients –mostly cheese and greens cooked with herbs. The small pies are deep fried and served hot, ideally alongside some good quality ouzo.



This traditional dish features handmade pasta (a kind of lasagna) that is served with “skordalia” (mashed potato with loads of garlic) and extra tomato sauce on top of that.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to add some local ladotyri (cheese preserved in olive oil). It really makes a difference to the taste.


Roasted pork with tomato sauce

Although Milos is an island, fish and seafood are not its most famous foods!

It has a considerable production of meat and dairy products, due to the developed livestock activity.

A delicious local dish is pork which slowly roasts in the oven, dressed in pelte sauce (which is a tomato sauce made by the local, very sweet and tasty tomatoes).

Tip: Traditional kouloura, a barley-based rusk is a perfect match for this dish.


The traditional Milos villages

Firopotamos Village Milos Greece

Who else wants to explore the picturesque traditional Milos villages?

We bet it’s not just us!

The coastline of Milos island is dotted with many beautiful, traditional villages, worth exploring. They distinguish for their Cycladic architecture, long history, and pleasant environment.

Some of the highlights of the island?

The seaside fishing villages with the colorful atmosphere and characteristic boat houses, carved into the rock.

The most famous fishing villages are Klima and Firopotamos. There you can see “syrmata”, the traditional houses that are used as boat shelters.

Another very beautiful village in Milos is Pollonia. It is a picturesque tourist place with a variety of facilities and sandy, protected beaches. It is ideal for family holidays!

The capital of the island, Plaka, has also a lot to offer to visitors.

Take a walk along its whitewashed stone houses with the neat, flowery courtyards and enjoy amazing views of the Gulf of Milos Greece and a glorious sunset from Plaka’s highest point, the Medieval Kastro.

Trivia: Plaka was built in 1800 and developed highly after the destruction of the old town of Kastro.


Sightseeing in Milos Greece

Christian Catacombs Milos Greece

By now, you’re probably wondering if Milos Greece has interesting sights to visit, right?

You bet it has!

Milos has a special geological form and rich history. As a result, it has a lot of interesting sights.

A very intriguing landmark in Milos is the 1st century AD Christian Catacombs! They are found in a very steep hill, 150 meters above the sea surface, near Plaka village. They are among the three oldest and most important Christian secret burial sites, along with the ones in Rome and Jerusalem.

Another historical place visitors should not miss is the Kastro quarter on top of Plaka village. This is a Medieval town, famous for its lovely architecture with beautiful courtyards and paved alleys.

Last, but not least, one of the must-see parts of Milos is its impressive volcano. The volcano, now dormant but still active, has created the strange geology of Milos landscape and has given to the island an extraordinary beauty. You can visit the two surviving craters in Firiplaka and Trachylas.


All in all, the truth is the reasons you’ll fall in love with Milos Greece are not just 4.

Want to know the rest of them?

Do yourself a favor and book your ferry tickets to Milos and let the adventure begin!

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