Porto Heli: The Cosmopolitan Side of Eastern Peloponnese

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Porto Cheli is a coastal town located in the southeastern part of Argolis, in the Peloponnese. Porto Cheli is really near the port of Piraeus and there are many ferries that depart from and to Porto Cheli frequently, even four or five times per day. It is a hot destination for Athenians, celebrities that even have their luxurious villas there, and tourists from all over the world. Porto Cheli’s tourism has been increasing more and more and it is largely based on its natural beauty.


#What to see

Only a few kilometers south of Porto Cheli, the church of “Agios Aimilianos” is there to amaze you. This lovely church is located in the village “Agios Aimilianos” on a cape. The whole area teemed with gorgeously green trees and many locals (and tourists) choose this particular church to get married. Plus, the views from up there are spectacular. You can gaze at the beautiful Spetses island and if you wish, you can even take a ferry from Porto Cheli and visit this island too; it is really close!

Near Porto Cheli, there is one of the most famous archeological sites in Greece; the theater of Epidaurus. This ancient theater, known and admired for its acoustics, is still used, especially in summer. Nowadays, the performances that take place there are typically ancient Greek tragedies or comedies. There is also a worth-visiting Archeological Museum near the theater.


#What to do

Porto Cheli’s most prominent archaeological site is that of “Halieis”, just 5 kilometers away from the town of Porto Cheli. It is estimated that this town thrived around the 5th and 4th centuries, for it had been a naval and trade center. Scientists believe that there were about 500 houses in this settlement that were occupied by 2,500 people. This city, though, is submerged. If you like diving, this is probably one of the best places to do so! Apart from enjoying Porto Cheli’s amazing sea bottom, you will also admire the ancient fortifications of Halieis town. Even if you have never tried diving before, there are many diving schools in the area that can teach you.


#What to eat

You should really try Porto Cheli’s amazing homemade pasta along with its tasty cheese and olive oil. Porto Cheli is famous for its lovely traditional taverns that serve mainly fresh fish. Most of them are located near its wonderful sea.


#Where to swim

As mentioned above, there is a stunningly beautiful beach located near “Agios Aimilianos”. This beach is called “Chrisi Akti” and is a sandy beach with transparent waters. The whole area is surrounded by trees, creating an ideal scenery for having a relaxing quick dip. Kounoupi beach is yet another famous beach in Porto Cheli with relatively shallow waters and thus, it is perfect for families. Another great thing about Kounoupi beach is its lovely view of the tiny Kounoupi islet. On the bay in Porto Cheli’s port, there is a lovely beach with incredibly clear waters. This beach is organized and is located near various traditional taverns.


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