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This blog is dedicated to giving information about ferries but also destinations served by Greek Ferries.

Greece mainland ports: most popular ports and how to go

By Ferriesingreece on 20-08-2014

Although most ferries depart from the ports of Athens, there are some islands that are served by regional mainland ports. Here are the most important Greece mainland ports and information on how to go there from Athens. #Killini Killini is a busy port town located on the western side of Peloponnese. This port is the […]

Ferries to Zakynthos, the flower of the East

By Ferriesingreece on 10-08-2014

Zakynthos (also called Zante) is among the most beautiful and popular Greek islands. Located in the Ionian Sea, this is a tourist destination for all kind of visitors: families with kids, youth looking for nightlife, romantic couples, even hikers or, lately, base jumpers! Getting to Zakynthos is easy as the local airport receives many internal […]

Greek Ferry Hopping: less famous routes

By Ferriesingreece on 31-07-2014

Greek ferry hopping is a popular way to visit many Greek islands in one holiday trip. Many visitors choose to hop from one island to the other during their holidays in Greece so that they discover as many different islands as possible. Apart from famous and popular ferry hopping routes, there are also less known […]

Ferries to Eastern Aegean: Samos, Chios, Lesvos and other islands

By Ferriesingreece on 24-07-2014

Although the Greek islands of Eastern Aegean are not as popular as other island groups, like the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, ferries to Eastern Aegean islands are frequent. Attracting mostly families and people looking for authentic experiences, the islands of Eastern Aegean have faithful visitors every summer. Most ferries to Eastern Aegean depart from the […]

Cheap Greek ferry tickets: most economical routes

By Ferriesingreece on 17-07-2014

With more than 100 inhabited Greek islands spread in the two main Greek seas, the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea, getting the ferry is the most usual way to move around. Although some islands have local airports, taking the ferry is more economic than flying there, especially if you are a large family. In […]

Traveling with pets on Greek ferries

By Ferriesingreece on 08-07-2014

As many tourists holiday to the Greek islands with their pets, there are certain rules and regulations regarding traveling with pets on Greek ferries. Although every ferry company has different regulations about pets on board, there are still some general things to know about ferry trips with pets in Greece. Pet passports and health certificates […]

Ferry to Western Cyclades: travel off the beaten track

By Ferriesingreece on 26-06-2014

Although the Cyclades islands are getting very popular in summer, there are still many Cycladic islands that remain off the beaten track even in high season. The Western Cyclades islands, for example, are fantastic places to holiday away from noise and crowded beaches. With picturesque villages, relaxing atmosphere and stunning places to swim, these islands […]

Greek Island Hopping by Ferry: the most popular routes

By Ferriesingreece on 05-06-2014

Are there more fantastic places in the world for holidays than the Greek islands? With a special charm, fantastic beaches and authentic lifestyle, the Greek islands provide the most relaxing holiday destinations. Visitors who have many days at their disposal frequently choose to explore many islands in one holiday trip, therefore they go on Greek […]

Dodecanese islands: discover the secret treasures

By Ferriesingreece on 27-05-2014

The island group of Dodecanese is located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea and has both popular and secluded destinations. Most tourists have heard of Rhodes and Kos, the two most popular Dodecanese islands, but there are many more unknown places to enjoy relaxing holidays in this part of Greece. Here are […]

Rhodes island: lost in Medieval beauty

By Ferriesingreece on 12-05-2014

Located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, Rhodes is among the largest and most popular islands of Greece. Due to the fabulous beaches, the beautiful nature and the rich culture, Rhodes island attracts millions of tourists every summer. The island is accessible by ferry or plane. The ferry to Rhodes from Athens […]