Economy vs Business Class in Greek ferries

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When booking online ferry tickets to the Greek islands, you will notice that most ferries in Greece have economy and business class. Which is the difference between these two types of tickets?

The characteristics of the economy vs business class in Greek ferries vary in every company, even in every vessel. In this text, we will give the general framework for the economy vs business class in Greek ferries. Differences may appear in various vessels, as not all have the same characteristics.

1. Better view

If there is not a separate class called deck, then the economy class includes both the deck and the economy lounge. Business lounge is usually found on the front and upper deck of the vessel, therefore it gives better view from the ferry windows. Especially if you do not like crowded decks, you can sit back and enjoy the vie of the Greek islands from your window.

2. Larger seats

Business class has separate TV and separate bar with much smaller queue than the economy bar. You do not have to wait for several minutes to buy your coffee or snack from the bar. Moreover, business class in the Greek ferries has better and larger seats. In some vessels, business seats are made of leather.

3. Quiet atmosphere

The most important difference of the economy vs business class in Greek ferries is that passengers are much fewer in business class, which results in more quiet and relaxing trips. This can be very helpful if you had a long trip to come to Greece from your home country, or if the trip from Athens to the island is long.

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