Greek Hidden Treasures 9: Kasos

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Kasos belongs to the island complex of Dodecanese, located close to the island of Karpathos in the south region of the Aegean; it is often regarded as an off the beaten track destination, as its has not developed according to touristic demand and therefore has preserved a strong traditional character. Ferries depart from the port of Piraeus a few times per week, so make sure you check the dates before departing for a unique adventure in this unmapped heaven.


# What the island is famous for


Kasos is a small island, and not quite known even among Greeks; its isolation however is not linked to a declined profile, as the community of Kasos thrives and can boast about its skilled fishermen and amazing local cuisine, based on the fresh seafood and fish. The festivals are also an unforgettable experience, especially the one of Panagia village that takes place every year at the 15th of August.


# Top beaches to visit


Kasos does not have a wide variety of beaches, but the ones available will enchant you. Emporio is a semi-organized beach, while Helatrou and Ammoua are small, quiet bays with sparkling waters, ideal for relaxation. The big surprise however comes from the islet of Armathia, which is close to Kasos and you can visit it by boat; the beaches of Marmara and Karavostasi are of amazing beauty, within an exotic landscape with turquoise waters that will leave you in awe. A unique experience -definitely worths the visit!


# Top villages to visit


The municipality of Kasos constitutes of Fri (the port), Agia Marina (the largest settlement), as well as Arvanitohori (at the feet of the mountainous mainland). At Fri, the small port of Bouka is ideal for an afternoon stroll, while the villages of Agia Marina and Arvanitohori will enchant you with the old houses that are built in accordance with the traditional architecture. Their picturesque backstreets evoke the feeling of another era, and you will be able to witness a slice of the everyday life of the locals.


# Top sightseeing


Kasos has many hidden destinations that are ideal for further exploration. The old village of Poli is a small wonder, where one can see the castle and ruins of ancient temples, while there are very interesting pre-historic findings hosted in the town hall at Fri. The cave of Ellinokamara near Agia Marina is also open to visitors while you must not miss the chance to be present in one of the many religious festivals that take place through the summer and taste the amazing pilaf with lamb and cinnamon as well as dance, drink and sing along the locals. The warmth and originality of Kasos will definitely allure you.


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