Greek Hidden Treasures 8: Folegandros

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While the unique landscape of the Cyclades islands has a worldwide allure, few are those you would go as far as to explore those less known hidden treasures that are not as famous as Mykonos or Paros; indeed, the southern Cyclades offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a more relaxing kind of vacations while experiencing the traditional side of the cosmopolitan greek islands.

Folegandros is considered one of the top alternative travelling destinations of Greece; easily accessible by ferry from Piraeus and also connected by ferry connections with other greek islands, like Amorgos, Milos and Syros. Firm believers and new lovers of its wild beauty praise the amazing chora and its castle, as well as the amazing, quiet beaches, surrounded by the orgastic nature. But what is it that makes Folegandros stand out of the rest?


# The Chora


Chora is the name the islanders used to give to their capitals and Folegandros can definitely boast about its own, as it is commonly considered one of the most picturesque of the Cycladic island complex. What is unique about it is its location, right at the top of a sharp cliff; the view to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea is breathtaking, offering spectacular sunsets. Let yourself get lost within the narrow, whitened backstreets and admire the traditional architecture. Do not also forget to pay a visit to the area of Kastro (the Castle), which was built by the Venetians and dates back to the 8th century. After your stroll, enjoy the local raki or a smooth greek coffee at the numerous kafeneia (traditional coffee shops) of the small squares and finish your day with a mouth-watering plate of matsata (traditional pasta, perfectly accompanied with chicken in tomato sauce).


# The Beaches


Folegandros has a variety of beaches, most of which are difficult to approach by car; however, the extra effort will be rewarded as one walks through the superb nature of the island. The most famous beach is the one of Agkali; easily accessed and ideal for families, it also features a variety of shops and restaurants. From Agkali you can also take a path that leads to Agios Nikolaos beach, or take the boat to Livadaki. For the one who love walking (and a bit of adventure) Katergo, Vorina and Agios Georgios should not be missed; the first is also considered the island’s most beautiful one, while the other two are suitable for those who seek a dive away from the crowd.


# The atmosphere


Folegandros does not correlate to the stereotypical view most have about Cyclades; it does not offer the dazzling, cosmopolitan nightlife neither has overly-crowded beaches with loud beach bars. However, this is exactly why it is so loved, as it is full of hidden beauties that await to be discovered by the eager tourist. The church of Panagia with its peaceful scenery, the small wuthering village of Ano Meria with its incomparable view, the pathway to Serifiotika beach are just a few of the opportunities Folegandros offers to make you realize the joys of travelling. As years go by and the need for less known, untouched holiday destinations arises, the popularity of Folegandros is certain to keep growing and therefore it is a chance not to be missed!


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