Greek Hidden Treasures 7: Kalymnos, reinventing tradition

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Dodecanese is far more that just Rhodes and Kos; if you were looking for an alternative island destination that will amaze you with its hidden beauties, why not choose Kalymnos? This is a truly blessed place, full of surprises and with an enchanting character that will leave you thirsty for more; just hop on in one of our ferries that depart daily from the port of Piraeus and discover Kalymnos first hand!


# What the island is famous for

Sponges Kalymnos 2

Sponges and hiking are a strange combination -but Kalymnos has acquired world-class fame for both of these. With a long tradition is sponge trade, the skilled divers of Kalymnos -known since antiquity- have been bringing to the surface sponges of supreme quality that are exported all over the world. Do not miss the chance to buy yourself and experience the unique feeling of this amazing natural product. Climbing and hiking is also other reasons why Kalymnos is famous; the island’s rocky landscape offers more than 1000 routes that will enthuse any lover of the sport -and not only. If you are interested, do not also miss the Hiking Festival conducted every year since 2000, with hikers all over the world partaking into the thrilling experience!


# Top beaches to visit


Kalymnos has a wide variety of beaches that will please fans of all tastes. For those who prefer organized and more crowded beaches, Masouri, Therma and Kantouni are ideal choices, while for those who love to spend relaxing moments by the sea, pay a visit at Linaria and Emporio -ideal for lovers of surfing, too. There is also a selection of beaches only approachable by boat that worth the visit, such as Sikati and Drasonta. Whatever your choice might be, the characteristic turquoise waters of the island will make you feel as if you have discovered a small paradise.


# Top villages to visit

Kamari village Kalymnos 2

Kalymnos is less touristically developed than other Dodecanese islands, and for that reason it retains to this day a more traditional character. The picturesque villages of Chiorio, Mirties and Panormos are very charming, while you should definitely stroll through the island’s chora, Pothia, and admire the architectural style of the buildings.


# Top sightseeing


This island will not disappoint wanderers, as the sightseeing options are numerous. If you are a nature enthusiast, don’t forget to visit few of the 50 caves of Kalymnos, the most prominent being that of Epta Parthenes and Daskalio. At Vathy, prepare to meet a unique fjord-like landscape, while the Chora’s castle (dating back to the 15th century) and the nearby windmills offer an amazing view to the Aegean. Dare to be adventurous and explore the island’s treasures further -the locals are very welcoming and will offer you the best suggestions!


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