Greek Hidden Treasures 2: Thassos, the island of the North

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Thassos is one of what we could call the “hidden treasures” of northern Greece. Situated in the very northern part of the Aegean Sea and geographically belonging to Kavala prefecture, Thassos is an ideal choice if you happen to be exploring northern Greece and would like to visit a nearby island.

The island is easily accessible from Kavala and the mainland with ferries.


# Top Beaches

Thassos features a different and rare beauty with endless beaches and an impressive nature. You will find dozens of amazing sandy beaches to swim, some of which can be prone to winds and big waves while others offer you the moments of relaxation you are seeking in your holidays. Some of the most impressive are Aliki, Chrisi Akti, Psili Ammos, Trypiti, Limenas, Vathi and the impressive Giola to name just a few.


# Top Villages

Potamia Thassos
While on Thassos, you should definitely invest some time to visit the old mountain villages with the distinctive insular architecture with the paved streets and the stone houses. Since the landscape of Thassos is varied with hills overlooking the wonderful greenish waters and the vibrant sky, many mountain villages offer an exquisite view to the sea.

Some of the villages you should definitely visit are:

Theologos village, situated 52 km away from Thassos town is one of the oldest and most beautiful settlements of the island. The elegant stone mansions, the narrow pathways, the small traditional shops along with the very best speciality of broached goat served in the area offers you a complete holiday with all amenities and beauties. Every June, a traditional event is taking place, namely a re-enactment of a traditional local wedding which is an interesting sight for both greeks and foreigners.

Potamia is also one of the most famous villages of the island. Following the traditional line of architecture, this village also features stone houses and a surrounding lush vegetation. The village is built on the highest mountain of the island and spreads down until the sea offering a panoramic view. Eat and drink facilities are sufficient on the village while Vagis Museum is also worth visiting.

Limenas village is the main town and port of the island. It is the administrative and commercial center of the island where main tourist activity is taking place. Despite its popularity and modern amenities, Limenas has retained its traditional characteristics, thus offering a combination of things to do and see. There are also many sights and ancient remains to visit in the area. Old churches, shops and monasteries contribute to the charm of this village.


# Local Products

Thassos is also famous for its honey and olive oil as well for its excellent quality marbles. Every summer, there is also a honey festival organised near Prinos and treats guests honey and other local delicacies.

Enjoy your holidays!


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