Greek Ferry Hopping: less famous routes

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Greek ferry hopping is a popular way to visit many Greek islands on one holiday trip. Many visitors choose to hop from one island to the other during their holidays in Greece so that they discover as many different islands as possible. Apart from famous and popular ferry hopping routes, there are also less known but equally beautiful route suggestions.

Greek ferry hopping: From Athens to Sifnos and Milos

Greek ferry hopping: From Athens to Sifnos and Milos

Sifnos and Milos are the most famous islands in Western Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. In summer, there is a daily ferry from Piraeus traveling to all the Western Cyclades islands and connecting each other easily and quickly. On this Greek ferry hopping to Sifnos and Milos, visitors shall explore two laid-back islands with wild beauty and typical Cycladic architecture. The ferry to Sifnos from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, takes about 3 hours (with highspeed ferry) and the ferry to Milos from Sifnos takes from 30-60 min, allowing an easy and quick ferry connection.

From Rafina to Andros and Tinos

Ferry hopping to Andros and Tinos

Rafina is the second largest port of Athens and serves many ferries to the Cyclades islands, especially in high season. The Greek ferry hopping from Rafina port to Andros and Tinos is a nice suggestion to enjoy two wonderful Greek islands that remain off the beaten track even in high season. Both islands distinguish for their traditional Cycladic architecture and wild nature. However, Andros is mostly famous for the wonderful beaches, while Tinos is best known for the beautiful countryside villages with the special character. The ferry to Andros takes 2 hours, while the ferry to Tinos from Andros takes 1 hour and half.

From Athens to Hydra and Spetses

Greek ferry hopping from Athens to Hydra and Spetses

The Greek ferry hopping to Hydra and Spetses is probably the easiest ferry route from Piraeus, the main port of Athens. With frequent ferry departures all day long and quick embarkation, as the vessels do not take vehicles, the route to the beautiful Greek islands of Hydra and Spetses is a delight. The ferry to Hydra from Piraeus takes 90 min and the ferry to Spetses from Hydra takes only 30 min. Both islands have picturesque architecture. In Hydra, no vehicle at all is allowed on the island and transport is done by foot or boat. In Spetses, only motorbikes are allowed in the town, while a very popular way to get around is the horse carriage.

From Rhodes to Kalymnos and Leros

Ferry hopping from Rhodes to Kalymnos and Leros

As Rhodes is a transportation hub for the islands of Dodecanese, in southeastern Aegean, many visitors actually fly to Rhodes and then continue their Greek holidays to other islands. A nice Greek ferry hopping suggestion from Rhodes is to visit the beautiful islands of Kalymnos and Leros, two totally laid-back places that never get packed, not even in high season. The ferry to Kalymnos from Rhodes takes 3 hours and lets you discover a wild place, where rock climbing is actually developing over the last years. The ferry to Leros from Kalymnos takes only 45 min.

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