Traveling with pets on Greek ferries

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As many tourists holiday to the Greek islands with their pets, there are certain rules and regulations regarding traveling with pets on Greek ferries. Although every ferry company has different regulations about pets on board, there are still some general things to know about ferry trips with pets in Greece.

Pet passports and health certificates

There are certain official papers required for importing pets in Greece from foreign countries and you will be asked to show these papers when booking ferry tickets or during embarkation. If you are an EU national, then your pet will need a European pet passport. This passport can be issued from any authorized veterinarian and must confirm that your pet has done all proper anti-rabies vaccination and is friendly with people. Moreover, your pet must also have an electronic microchip with the same code as in its passport.

Non-EU nationals must contact the Greek embassy in their countries to ask for the documentations needed. In general, pet documentations include a rabies vaccination certificate of no less than a month and no more than a year, microchip and recent good health certificate from veterinarian.

Pets on Greek ferries: Traveling on board

Generally each ferry company in Greece has different pet traveling policy. The slow (normal) Greek ferries usually have a limited number of pet cabins available and it is necessary to reserve these cabins in advance. This means that you should inform the ferry company about your pet right after you book your ferry tickets and certainly not last minute. Highspeed Greek ferries usually do not have pet cabins but kennels, which also need prior booking.

For reasons of public hygiene, pets are not allowed to enter indoor areas, like bars, restaurants and lounges. Even if you are traveling in a cabin, you are not allowed to have your pet in your cabin, but you will be required to leave in the pet cabins. Except for the specially-designed pet cabins, pets are only allowed to travel in outdoor areas, like decks.

All pets travel upon their owner’s responsibility, who must make sure that the pet is not aggressive or disturbing other passengers. If the pet is large in size, they are required to wear muzzle and be on leash when walking on the deck. If it is small size, then the owner can have it in their arms. Unaccompanied pets on Greek ferries are not accepted for embarkation.

Depending on the Greek ferry company and the itinerary, pets may travel for free or pay a special ticket for embarkation and pet cabin or kennel booking. The owner is responsible to provide the food and water for the pet during the trip and generally ensure the good welfare of the pet. If you are traveling with the Camping on Board program from Italy to Greece, then the pet can stay in the camping/caravan with you upon agreement of the ferry company.

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