Ferry to Milos, the island with the stunning beaches

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Ferry to Milos island Cyclades

Milos is a wonderful island of the Cyclades complex, in the Aegean Sea. It is characterized by playful colors and unique scenery, due to its volcanic geological background. Milos island is perfect for family and romantic holidays, as it has a peaceful atmosphere and charming spots.


Milos beaches: Tsigrado beach

Board a ferry to Milos and meet fantastic beaches, all unique in their shape, due to the volcanic geology of the island. From white to black, pebbled to sandy, with emerald to deep blue waters, the beaches in Milos are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

In the north, there is the famous Sarakiniko, the most photographed spot on the island. The small beach of Sarakiniko is a moon-like region of white volcanic rocks, ideal for diving, due to its many underwater caves and natural passages.

Other stunning beaches are located in the southern part of Milos island. They have abrupt cliffs and black or red pebbles, traces of their volcanic background. The most popular are Tsigrado, with snow-like sand, Paleochori, offering a relaxing swim due to its hot spots, Agia Kyriaki, a long sandy beach, and Firiplaka, a scenic shore with coloured rocks.


The coastline of Milos island is dotted with many beautiful, traditional villages worth exploring. They distinguish for their Cycladic architecture, long history and pleasant environment.

The highlights of the island are the seaside fishing villages with the colourful atmosphere and characteristic boat houses, carved into the rock. The most famous fishing villages are Klima and Firopotamos. There you can see syrmata, the traditional houses that are used as boat shelters.

The capital of the island, Plaka, has also a lot to offer to visitors. Take a walk along its whitewashed stone houses with the neat, flowery courtyards and enjoy amazing views of the Gulf of Milos and a glorious sunset from Plaka’s highest point, the Medieval Kastro. Plaka was built in 1800 and developed highly after the destruction of the old town of Kastro.

Another very beautiful village in Milos is Pollonia, a picturesque tourist place with a variety of facilities and sandy, protected beaches. It is ideal for family holidays.



Given that Milos has a special geological form and rich history, it has a lot of interesting sightseeing. A very intriguing landmark in Milos is the 1st century AD Christian Catacombs, found in a very steep hill, 150 meters above sea level, near Plaka village. They are considered among the three oldest and most important Christian secret burial sites, along with the ones in Rome and Jerusalem.

Another historical place visitors should not miss is Kastro quarter on top of Plaka village. This is a Medieval town, famous for its lovely architecture with beautiful courtyards and paved alleys.

One of the must see parts of Milos is its impressive volcano. The volcano, now dormant but still active, has created the strange geology of Milos landscape and has given to the island an extraordinary beauty. You can visit the two surviving craters in Firiplaka and Trachylas.

Ferry to Milos

Milos island can easily be accessed by both sea and air. Visitors can take a ferry to Milos from Athens and the ports of other Greek islands. From Athens, there is a ferry to Milos departing from the port of Piraeus almost every day. There are also frequent ferry schedules to Milos from many Cyclades islands, including Santorini, Ios, Folegandros, Sifnos, Paros and more. You can book your ferry online on our official website.

From Venizelos airport in Athens there is also plane to Milos and the flight lasts for only 30 minutes. Flights to Milos operate about three times per week.

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