Ermioni: the seductress

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Ermioni is really near to Piraeus by ferry and during the last years, it has been experiencing a steadily increasing uprising in its tourism. It successfully combines the beauty and the relaxing atmosphere of an island along with the amenities found in a town.


#What to see

Ermioni was founded by the ancient Greek tribe of Dryopes and according to Homer, the fleet of Ermioni participated at the Trojan War. Strolling around Pronos hill, one will encounter the picturesque church of “Agia Ermioni”. This church is built upon a temple that was dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess of marriage, Hera. Bisti, a peninsula situated at the eastern part of Ermioni town, is another great place to visit. In there, there is a temple dedicated to Poseidon (though some believe that this temple is actually dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom) that was built around the end of the 6th century B.C. In Bisti, there is also the ancient Porfireio and at the tip of the peninsula, there is an old lighthouse that still operates. The Spilia tis Vitorizas, is located really close to the lighthouse. Legend has it that there is a creature inside this cave that can petrify children and chase away the fish. Bitsi is full of green and full of history and legends. Do visit it before you leave!


#What to do


Just 5 kilometers away from the town of Ermioni, there is Katafiki canyon. The landscape is dramatic and you will feel serene and somehow surprised; you cannot help but admire this canyon. According to Greek mythology, there was the entrance of the Underworld and during the Medieval times, it was thought to be the entrance to Hell and that many evil-spirited creatures had been lived inside it. The road is smooth and is ideal for trekking along with your family. There is even a half-marathon that is organized in this area during an event called “Dionysia”. For some, Ermioni is the place in where rowing and swimming races started for the first time during “Dionysia”, a feast dedicated to Dionysos, the god of fertility. Nowadays, in mid-June, the event of Dionysia has been taking place again after centuries.


#What to eat

When in Ermioni, in fact, when in every country in Greece located near sea, you should definitely try fresh fish! Their quality as well as their taste could not be greater! There are many different recipes that have fish as their main ingredient and each is delicious, especially when combined with Ermioni’s amazing and high quality olive oil. Ermioni is also known for its tasty pomegranates.


#Where to swim


One of the famous beaches of Ermioni is the jaw-dropping Kouverta beach. Kouverta’s paradisiacal waters as well as its lovely golden sand will astound you! Please note that Kouverta beach is probably the best beach in Ermioni for diving! Bisti beach is a pebbled beach with pure waters, near to innumerable trees. What else to ask for? Sentoni beach is another great option, for its waters are crystal-clear!


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