Serifos: Enjoy its Calmness

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The magnificent Serifos is an island located in the Western Cyclades, really close to Athens by travelling on a ferry. One thing that truly characterizes vacations (and life, in general) on Serifos island is its calmness. Supposedly, even the frogs on this island are mute. Nobody in there seems to be in a hurry, except for the brisk and cool breaths of wind, called “meltemia”.


#What to see


According to Greek mythology, the founder of Mycenae, Perseus, grew up on this island. He was the one who killed the Gorgon Medusa, a monster that allegedly could petrify everyone who looked at her. Research reveals that the people of Serifos worshipped Perseus as if he was a god and there are even coins belonging to the 6th century that depict him along with the head of the Gorgon Medusa. Nowadays, there are some monuments on Serifos such as “Psaropirgos” and the “Aspros Pirgos” (Serifos’ White Tower). The “Aspros Pirgos” was built in the 4th century B.C in the bay of Koutala. The initial height of the tower was presumably around 12 meters, but today, this tower is only 5 meters tall. The Archaeological Museum of Serifos, located in the square of the Mills, in Chora, (“Platia Milon”) has an amazing collection of various findings that belong to the Classic, the Hellenistic and the Roman period.

Serifos has numerous beautiful churches, most of them built in Byzantine style. Situated near Galani village, there is the “Monastery of Taxiarches”, dedicated to the patron saints of Serifos, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. This monastery, built in 1572, vividly resembles a fortified castle and it had to be well-protected due to the fact that pirates used to conduct raids against it in order to steal its important heirlooms.

The oldest church on Serifos island is the church of “Panagia”, located at Panagia village. It was build around the 1st century A.D. according to the Byzantine style. Its frescoes (that date back to 14th – 17th century) are bound to impress its visitors.


#What to do


Stroll around its beautiful Chora! This island’s traditional architecture cannot but captivate you! Serifos’ cobblestone and winding paths along with its cubic, flat-roofed houses create the idyllic scenery for families and couples. If you like hiking, you can go to Serifos’ highest hill and gaze at other Cycladic islands from afar.


#What to eat

Serifos has an excellent traditional local cuisine. Its local sausages are very tasty and you can combine them along with “souma” drink (it tastes like raki). “Fava” is made of mashed yellow split peas and one cannot imagine how delicious this dish can be! Last but not least, you can try pancakes that have fennel as their main ingredient. Their aroma is simply appetizing.


#Where to swim


Located near the port, Livadakia is a very popular choice among tourists due to its beauty and closeness to the port. If you prefer unorganized beaches, you can go to the amazing sandy beach of “Agios Sostis” which is located near a chapel with the same name. Koutalas beach is also unorganized with pebbles and is truly ideal for families. Ganema, also unorganized, is a sandy beach with jaw-dropping waters and an ideal place for relaxation.


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