Patmos island: Small and sacred

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The small island of Patmos belongs to the Dodecanese island complex. It is believed that John the Apostle wrote the “Book of Revelation” (which is a Book of the New Testament) in there. Nowadays, Patmos island is famous for its alluring, unspoiled nature and there are many regular ferry itineraries to the island. Skala is its commercial port and one of its main settlements, along with Chora which is Patmos’ capital.


#What to see


John the Apostle was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He wrote the epistolary, apocalyptic and prophetic Book of Revelation after receiving a vision inside a cave, later named the Cave of the Apocalypse. This cave along with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian have been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The Monastery of Saint John the Theologian was built in Chora, in 1088. The unique characteristic of this church is its fortification that was built in order to protect this lovely monastery from attacks launched by several pirates. This monastery and the Ecclesiastic museum of Patmos, which lies in it, house many precious relics and attract many tourists as well as Orthodox Christian pilgrims every year. Speaking of museums, the Folklore Museum of Patmos is located in Chora in a 17th-century mansion. This museum aims at highlighting Patmos’ traditional aspect by exhibiting various items of the daily life of the inhabitants of Patmos that date back to the 17th century.


# What to do


Walk around the island and see for yourself how blessed this island really is. Patmos thrived during the 4th century B.C. and the whole region of Kasteli can prove that claim, for many archaeological findings have been discovered in there. Skala is also another great place to stroll around mainly because its interesting architecture. Go and take a visit to Patmos’ three mills. The first two were built in 1588 and the third, later on, in 1863 and they had been used since the 1950’s. Their location is stunning; they are located upon a hill with a view to the enchanting sea. As time gone by, people stopped using them, but in 2012 they were restored and they are back in use again. This initiative won the Europa Nostra award.


# What to eat

When in Patmos, do try traditional cheese pie! One thing that makes Patmos’ cheese pie special is the fact that it is made as if it was a tart. Pouggi is a traditional sweet of Patmos that is actually made of thin Greek pastry sheet filled with nuts. You cannot but love this recipe!


# Where to swim


This sacred place is full of blessed beaches. Aspri beach is located really near Skala, on a bay. It has amazing waters and is surrounded by exotic tamarisks. Agriolivado beach, located near Chora, is sandy and organized. This beach is ideal for families. Skala beach is the most famous beach of Patmos and one of the most easily accessible ones. It is also ideal for families. If you want to go somewhere calmer and partly organized, then Geranou beach is the best for you. However, if you prefer to go somewhere even calmer, then go to Meloi beach which is not organized, in fact it is almost secluded. It is located near Patmos’ port and thanks to its shape, it is protected by the wind.


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