Alonissos: Sporades revisited

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Alonissos belongs to the northern part of the Sporades island complex and is the most remote one; its location contributed to the preservation of a strong traditional character, that, combined with the rich history of the island since the ancient times, create an alluring atmosphere that invites the visitor to discover an unconventional side of the Greek islands. Ferries to Alonissos depart frequently from the port of Agios Constantinos near Lamia, so why not give it a try this summer?


#What to see

Alonissos is a delightful mixture of traditional beauty and serenity, constituting an ideal option for those who want to enjoy relaxing holidays, away from the stereotypical cosmopolitan life pace that most look forward to. The island’s nature is orgastic, with rich pine forests; the island is also home to the National Marine Park, a definite must-see destination, which provide refuge to numerous rare species, such as the famous monachus-monachus seal which is find only in the Mediterranean. The settlements are also impressive; Patitiri is both the island’s capital and harbor, while Hora is the old main settlement, with picturesque backstreets and charming traditional architecture. A stroll to the castle is not to be missed, as the view from the top is breathtaking.


#Where to swim

Alonissos is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, so transparent that boats seem to float in air rather the sea surface. Do not miss the opportunity to dive into the turquoise waters of Agios Dimitrios, the island’s most renowned beach as well as Votsi, a small natural harbor of unique beauty. Megalos Mourtias, Kokkinokastro and Tzortzi Gialos are also excellent choices, while for those who prefer off the beaten track destinations, do not miss to visit Vythisma, Lefto Gialos and Vrisitsa. There are many other options to explore, and the welcoming islanders will be happy to assist you -and maybe discover hidden treasures!


#What to eat

Alonissos is an ideal gastronomical destination and food lovers will be enthused by the variety of local products and delicacies offered. Food wise, there are numerous traditional dishes that definitely worth the try, such as the lobster spaghetti, “kakavia” (the Greek version of bouillabaisse, made with fresh fish) as well as the cheese pie. For those with a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your cravings with some of the many traditional desserts, such as walnut pie, amidgalota (almond biscuits) as well as the lovely “fouskakia” and “hamalia“. Do not also miss the amazing local wine, which has a worldwide appeal since the antiquity. Do visit the local wineries and get some bottles for back home, or simply lay back at a lovely restaurant and enjoy a few glasses along some fresh seafood.


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