Ferries to Lesvos, the island of ancient poet Sappho

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Lesvos, the third largest island in Greece, is renowned for its variant scenery of verdant forests, olive plains and magnificent beaches. Untouched by mass tourism, Lesvos is ideal for peaceful family holidays. This is also an island with long history and rich culture. In fact, according to the legend, Lesvos is the birthplace of the ancient female poet Sappho.

The island is a perfect base for many exciting outdoor activities as well. These activities include hiking, cycling and birdwatching. Ferries to Lesvos, this lovely Greek island, depart from both Greece and Turkey.

Tourist spots in Lesvos

Ferries to Lesvos island, Greece

The most tourist spot in Lesvos is Molyvos. Officially named Mithymna, Molyvos is a lovely village with impressive architecture, welcoming hospitality and spectacular Aegean views. A place with intense Medieval style, Molyvos is also a highly developed resort with an amazing long beach and many accommodation options.

Just a short driving distance away from Molyvos, there are two other popular tourist destinations, the tourist beach of Petra and the small village of Anaxos. Petra beach offers many amenities, hotels, shops and restaurants, along with a magnificent beach with crystal waters. Anaxos is also a beautiful beach resort, which also provides a lot of outdoor swimming pools.

Mytilene Town, the island’s capital and main port, is another famous tourist spot, plus the artistic and commercial centre of Lesvos. It is a vibrant place and combines picturesque architecture, highly developed tourist infrastructure and interesting monuments and museums.

Best spots to visit

Petra beach in Lesvos island

One of the most significant places to visit while vacationing in Lesvos is the traditional village of Molyvos, with the narrow picturesque alleys, stone houses, and the impressive Medieval Castle. The 13th century Castle stands on top of a cliff, surrounded by pine trees, and is one of the best-preserved Medieval castles in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Another Medieval castle in Lesvos is the Castle of Mytilene, originally constructed in the 5th century, although it underwent reconstructions later on by the Turks and the Genovese.

Another very famous sightseeing in Lesvos is the Petrified Forest, a protected natural monument, an area of trees that have turned into stone through the years, due to the geological conditions and the lack of oxygen. This is a charming sight, as the petrified trees are all different colours and shapes.

The Monastery of Limonos, located close to Kalloni village and dedicated to Archangel Michael, and the Monastery of Agios Raphael near the village of Thermi are important destinations of pilgrimage, as well as remarkable historical sights of Lesvos.

Ferries to Lesvos

Ferries to Lesvos depart daily from the port of Piraeus, the main Athens port. In summer, there are also Lesvos ferries from the port of Kavala, in northern Greece, three times per week. The ferry from Piraeus takes about 10 hours to reach Lesvos. In summer, there are also daily ferries to Lesvos from Ayvalik Turkey. Ferry connections to Chios, Dikili (in Turkey) and Limnos are available.

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