Symi: The Small Island

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Despite its small size, compared to the other islands of the Dodecanese Group, Symi is an island of exquisite and unusual beauty. It is situated in the South Aegean Sea at a short distance from Rhodes Islands – just one hour away from Rhodes with the ferry. Like many islands in Greece, Symi comprises of Gialos, the island’s port and other small villages covering the island on its entire surface. Symi is also well connected to other island destinations by ferry.

Pedi Symi

As you will be approaching Symi with the ferry, you will face the amazing image of the port where old luxurious mansions spread around amphitheatrically, giving the island an old fashioned yet majestic style. As you disembark from the ferry to the port, you will find nice villages and beaches within walking distance. Some visitors decide to enjoy training in the various hill slopes that are situated around the port in walking distance.

Symi comprises of its two main settlements – Gialos and Chorio – both of which retain their own beauty. Gialos is more crowded and thus more cosmopolitan while Chorio tends to be more traditional.

Symi has undoubtedly a rich landscape and a big canvas of things to do that compensate for its tiny size. At the entrance of the port of Gialos, you will find the big Clock Tower while the area remains one of the most vibrant places of Simi, with shops and cafes to relax during the day and a vivid nightlife after dark. Due to its proximity to Rhodes, yachts and ferries are arriving daily.

Niborios Symi

Apart from the Clock Tower, there is also the Venetian Castle that dates back to 1407 B.C but a large part of it has been unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War. Moreover, one of the main attractions of Symi is the Monastery of Panormitis which is dedicated to Archangel Michael. The monastery is situated in the homonymous village of Panormitis on the southwestern side of the island. Another important landmark of the Christian religion is the Monastery of Taxiarches, the protectors of the island, also on the southern side. Also, if you feel like adding up a touch of culture to your holiday, then you can also visit the Archaeological and Folklore Museum in the Town.

The island also boasts some beautiful beaches when the sun turns scorching. Some of the best ones are: Nos, Pedi, Gialos and Nimborio Beach.

Giala beach Symi

Nos is a small quiet beach close to the port. It features some tourist facilities and has clear, crystalline waters.

Pedi beach is just a couple of kilometres away from the town and boasts amazing beauty due to the tamarisk that surrounds the area. The water is clear and the beach is quite stony.

Gialos beach is right next to Gialos port and is a quiet beach with crystal waters, particularly famous among the tourists.

Nimborio beach is a quite beach northwest of Symi where visitors can enjoy a sunbath and a swim while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

Regular trips from Rhodes with the ferry can get you to Symi. You can also combine your ferry trip with a visit to Kalymnos, Kos, Tilos and Nisyros.

Enjoy your exploration on Symi island.

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