Deck, Air Seat or Cabin?

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Book deck, air seat or cabin in Greek ferries?

Taking the ferry is the primary means of transport to and from all the Greek islands. A ferry trip is an enjoyable experience since it almost feels like taking a cruise around the Greek islands. The seating and accommodation of Greek ferries vary, ranging from economy deck seats to first-class cabins. What is best, to book deck, air seat, or cabin in the Greek ferries?

Deck and air seats

Airtype seat in Greek ferry

Economy seats consist of the deck, salon, and air seats. These are the recommended choices for destinations closer to the Greek mainland, like the Saronic islands or the Cyclades. Travel time to these islands is short, usually between 3-6 hours, which is why a deck or salon ticket is normally convenient for passengers.

A deck ticket means that you can stay in any seat on the deck of the ferry. A salon seat ticket means that you can sit anywhere in the economy lounge of the ferry. Deck or salon seats are not reserved and passengers can sit where they find available.

If you want to make sure that you will definitely have a seat for your trip, you must book an aircraft type seat. Those are numbered, personal seats exactly like you would find on an airplane.

Business tickets

For more privacy, there is also a business lounge available in most ferries. Business tickets are about 50% more expensive than economy tickets. Passengers with economy tickets are not allowed to enter the business lounge, which offer more facilities to passengers. These facilities may include satellite TV or wi-fi and depend on each vessel.

In the comfort of a cabin

If you are traveling to an island like Rhodes, Lesvos, Karpathos or Crete, where travel time is much longer, and trips are usually overnight, booking a cabin is recommended. You can still take a walk on the deck to enjoy the view to the passing islands, or spend your time at the restaurants and game rooms found on most modern ferries.

However, a cabin will offer you more privacy when you need it and a comfortable place to sleep during a long overnight trip. This way, you will be fresh and relaxed when you arrive on the island, and ready to start exploring it. Standard cabins with bunk beds are available on all ferries, but modern ferries on well-traveled routes also offer first-class cabins that have more space.

Cabins with bunk beds can accommodate up to 4 passengers and they have a private bathroom. Cabins for two also have a private bathroom and some other facilities, like TV or wi-fi. Choose an exterior cabin with a porthole to get a view of the sea during the trip.

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