What to have in mind when booking Greek ferry tickets online

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Buying Greek ferry tickets online can be easy nowadays through an online booking engine. However, there are few things you need to know as some things can be different in Greece than in other countries.

# No e-tickets

In contrary to what many people might believe when they book their Greek ferry tickets online, there are actually no e-tickets in Greece, at least for the moment. Passengers may actually pay their tickets through the Internet but this is just to reserve their seats on the ferry. This is why when people buy their Greek ferry tickets through our website, we send them a confirmation voucher and information on how to pick up their tickets.

In fact, at the end of the booking procedure, passengers choose their preferable way to get their tickets. The most convenient way is to get the tickets at the port before departure. Alternatively, we can send the tickets at your home by courier. In case, passengers always need to have the printed tickets at hand in order to board the ferry.

# Check cancellation policy

Before booking your Greek ferry tickets online, make sure you check the cancellation policy of the ferry company you are traveling with. In fact, many companies have strict cancellation policies, especially for high season. This results in fees and restrictions in case you want to cancel or change a reservation.

# Search for feedback for the online agency

When reserving Greek ferry tickets online, we suggest that you check for reviews for this online agency. We at FerriesinGreece.com are proud of all the positive feedback we receive daily from our customers. Check the reviews on our website!

# Some discounts may apply only for Greeks

Occasionally ferry companies have discounts for certain categories, such as university students. Some discounts are valid for Greeks and foreigners, however there are chances when a discount applies only for Greeks. For example, the discount for university students or marine pensioners applies only for the Greek people and is offered only after certain proof is shown during ticket issuance.

# More than one ferry company

Although it may seem logical, many passengers actually believe that there is only one ferry company in Greece. This is not valid as there are many companies that run different schedules between various islands. The most popular companies are Blue Star that runs many ferries in the Cyclades, Hellenic Seaways with schedules in the Cyclades, Saronic, Sporades and Eastern Aegean, Minoan Lines and Anek Lines with ferries to Crete and many other smaller companies.

If you have to choose between more than one ferry company for a specific route, we suggest that you check for reviews for every company before booking Greek ferry tickets online. These reviews from previous passengers will help you make a convenient choice for your ferry trip.

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