Traveling with cabin in a Greek ferry: things to know

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As we frequently receive questions on which are the differences between types of cabins in the Greek ferries, here are some things that passengers should know when they book tickets for cabins.

Traveling with cabin in a Greek ferry

# Cabins have beds and bathroom

Traveling with cabin in a Greek ferry is a very relaxing experience. This is actually the most convenient travel class, especially if the trip is long, as are for example the ferry trips from Athens to Crete, Rhodes, Kos or Lesvos. You will have the chance to enjoy some private moments and some sleep after your tiring trip to come to Greece. Apart from beds, cabins also have private WC with shower. Traveling with cabin in a Greek ferry can be a great start for your holiday adventure.

# Berths

If you see in our booking engine the term “4berth cabin”, this actually means “4bed cabin”. These are cabins with two bunk beds and in most cases only people of the same sex are allowed to sleep in there. This is why there are 4berth cabins for males and for females. Of course, this applies only if you book separate beds in 4berth cabins. If a group or family books an entire 4berth cabin, then of course they stay in the same cabin regardless of the sex.

The 3berth cabins have single beds and not bunk beds, while the 2berth cabins usually have double bed or two single beds. The lux cabins are larger in space and have king size beds.

# Internal vs External Cabins

Many passengers ask us which is the difference between internal and external cabins. This is as simple as that: external cabins have portholes (windows), while internal cabins do not. This is the only difference. The size and the decoration are the same.

# Multiple berth cabins for fewer passengers

Some ferry companies actually give the chance to book multiple berth cabins for less passengers. This is actually preferred by passengers when the cabin type that they need is fully booked. For example, as you will see in the online ferry engine, for some ferries you can book 4berth cabins for single or double use.

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