Greek ferry travel for disabled: things to know

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Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Greece every year and use the ferries to travel to the islands. As some visitors might have mobility issues or travel on a wheelchair, here are some useful information to help you organize your ferry trip. In fact, we frequently receive emails at regarding Greek ferry travel for disabled, which is why we have gathered all necessary answers in this article.

Greek ferry travel for disabled: Ferry companies

Greek ferry travel for disabled could be especially tricky, depending on which ferry company you are traveling with. Many years ago, the largest ferry companies, such as Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines and Hellenic Seaways, modernized their fleet with new, wheelchair-friendly facilities. Smaller companies followed and now almost all companies that run popular schedules have necessary facilities for disabled passengers.

Only some small, local companies still have not made the necessary changes in their fleet to be wheelchair-friendly. These are ferry companies that run less-popular routes and have small, open-deck ferries. Such are, for example, the ferries from Nydri port in Lefkada to Meganisi island, from Kefalonia to Zante and from Neapolis port in Peloponnese to Elafonissos island. Mobility-challenged passengers can still get on board, but they will not be able to move a lot around the ferry.

Facilities on board

Moving escalators was the first thing to be added in the Greek ferries when they were modernized. If some ferries do not have moving escalators, then they will probably have ramps to help people with mobility issues get on the deck or the salon. Small ferries, like flying dolphins, have portable ramps to help passengers get on board from the port.

Common areas, such as the reception, the lounge and restaurant, are spacious and more convenient to move around, while there are also common WCs for disabled.

If you want to travel in a cabin, there are special cabins for disabled, designed with more convenient spaces and private WC for disabled. For any issue, feel free to inform the crew and they will provide you the best possible assistance.

Inform the agency

If you are a person with limited mobility and need to travel on a Greek ferry, you are suggested to inform early your travel agency so that they advice you on the most convenient Greek ferry companies to travel with and also to arrange your traveling details. The companies especially ask for prior notice in case you need to book the cabin for disabled, as the number of such cabins is limited and differs for every ferry.

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