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Ferries to Karpathos, the sleeping beauty of the Aegean

By Ferriesingreece on 27-11-2014

Karpathos is a unique island of the Dodecanese complex, geographically located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. This island with the extraordinary natural beauty and the rich culture is lined up with exotic beaches and quaint villages, which have kept their traditions intact. Getting to the island can be made by plane or […]

Six awesome Greek islands off the beaten track

By Ferriesingreece on 21-11-2014

Every summer, many Greek islands are getting crowded by enthusiastic tourists from all around the world. The Greek sun, the crystal blue sea, and friendly hospitality attract tourists. However, next to popular Greek holiday destinations, there are many more Greek islands off the beaten track that are equally exotic, ideal for an alternative, peaceful vacations […]

Island Hopping from Crete: where to go next?

By Ferriesingreece on 05-11-2014

Crete, the largest island of Greece, is among the most popular destinations for summer holidays. The two largest airports of the island, one in Heraklion and the other in Chania, serve international flights, so tourists from all over the world travel to Crete every summer to enjoy the beautiful nature and special character. Lots of […]

Greek ferry travel for disabled: things to know

By Ferriesingreece on 24-10-2014

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Greece every year and use the ferries to travel to the islands. As some visitors might have mobility issues or travel on a wheelchair, here are some useful information to help you organize your ferry trip. In fact, we frequently receive emails at regarding Greek […]

Best Greek islands for beach holidays

By Ferriesingreece on 17-10-2014

Greece is a popular summer destination and tourists from all over the world visit the Greek islands for beach holidays. Sandy coasts, sunshine, and crystal clear waters are there for visitors to enjoy. Although all Greek destinations have great beaches to swim, here are our best Greek islands for beach holidays that are easily accessible […]

Ferries to Kos, where ancient history meets modern tourism

By Ferriesingreece on 09-10-2014

Kos island is a place where ancient history, tradition, and beautiful beaches blend together, providing visitors with a pleasurable experience. In the field of science, Kos is famous as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The island offers plenty of tourist attractions along with comfortable holiday facilities and places of entertainment. Frequent ferries […]

Greek Ferries Environmental Policy: for sea and air protection

By Ferriesingreece on 03-10-2014

Over the last years, there is a large effort from the ferries companies to develop environmental policy to prevent sea and air pollution. In fact, according to studies, vessels in the Greek shipping industry have decreased energy consumption by 30%. Clearly, Greek ferries passengers have set an important goal: to safeguard and protect the marine […]

Top 5 Greek islands for family vacations

By Ferriesingreece on 25-09-2014

There is probably no safest place in the world for family vacations than the Greek islands! In fact, many families come to the Greek islands every summer to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea, visit new places altogether and create nice memories. Here are our top 5 Greek islands for family vacations. #Crete Crete […]

Ferries to Corfu, the most stunning island of the Ionian Sea

By Ferriesingreece on 18-09-2014

Full of history and tradition, natural beauty and amazing landscapes, the marvelous island of Corfu is a very popular international destination. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors from every corner of the Earth. Situated on the western side of the country, in the northern Ionian Sea, Corfu Island is accessible from both Greek and […]

Ferries to Naxos, the heart of the Cyclades

By Ferriesingreece on 12-09-2014

Lying in the heart of the Aegean Sea and offering breathtaking landscape, Naxos is one of the most popular islands of Cyclades. You can easily hop from Athens on one of the many available ferries to naxos and enjoy your stay on this Greek island of wonderful beauty. No doubt you will be mesmerized by […]