Top 5 Gorges in Crete

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Crete is the largest island of Greece with incredible natural beauty throughout its extent. It is an island full of gorges and canyons. Many of them are known others not yet but definitely it is worth to discover them.


#The Gorge of Samaria

The gorge of Samaria or Samaria is located in the southern part of Chania, in western Crete, and most of it belongs in Sfakia municipality. Its length is 18 km and is the longest gorge of Crete and Europe with uneven ground, so be prepared for a hike for the next 5-6 hours approximately. In 1962, Samaria was proclaimed one of the first National Parks in the country. The flora and fauna in the National Park of Samaria is extremely rich. It is reported that in the gorge there are 450 species of plants also throughout the gorge you will surely see the wild goats of Crete known as Kri-Kri. In this gorge you will find the village of Samaria which is located just before the middle of the gorge and was evacuated in 1962, when it was proclaimed as a National Park. The Samaria village is a good opportunity to admire the traditional Cretan architecture and also it’s a resting point in the middle of your journey.


#The Gorge of Agia Irini

On the western side of the White Mountains, in the province of Selino (east selino) of Chania you will find the unique in beauty gorge of Agia Irini. The gorge is named after the village Agia Irini, located near the northern entrance. It is part of the European path E4, it’s length is 7.5 km and it takes about 3 hours to cross it. You can reach the entrance of the gorge from Sougia by taxi or by bus that goes to Chania. The path into the gorge of Agia Irini has no particular difficulties and is relatively relaxed. It surely is a beautiful path next to the waters of the river Agierinioti and you will walk for the most part under the shade of trees.


#The Gorge of Kourtalioti

The gorge of Kourtalioti is located in Rethymno and is one of the most beautiful gorges of Crete. Its length reaches 2.5 – 3 km and it ends on the Lagoon of Preveli. The height difference between the input – output of the gorge is 150 meters. It is composed by imposing slides that reach 600 meters, limestone rocks and many small caves. In the middle of the gorge, on the west side and in a cave, you will find a small picturesque church. It’s a wonderful gorge worth visiting.


#The Gorge of Agiofarago

Agiofarago is a small gorge located south of Matala and west of Kaloi Limenes in Heraklion. It is probably the most impressive gorge and it’s about 1.5 km long. The time it takes to walk through the gorge is approximately 90 minutes. At its end you will find a magnificent beach, but just before the sea there is the church of St. Anthony, which dates from the 13th century. In the longest route of the gorge, right and left there are rocks rising. The rocks are scattered with numerous caves, in which ascetics had their hermitages who for centuries lived in the gorge.


#The Gorge of Ha

The gorge of Ha is a special feature of region of Ierapetra and it’s located next to the village and the Minoan ruins of the Basilica. It is considered one of the wildest gorges of Greece and a rare morphological phenomenon of nature. Its total length is 1.6 km and it’s rich in endemic species of flora and avifauna. The entrance is very narrow, about three meters and upwards the opening widens. The width of many points are only thirty cm and in other it’s not more than three meters.


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