Gastronomy in Pollonia, Milos

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All Cyclades are famous for their local dishes and products, the character of which has been shaped by the special morphology and climate conditions of the islands. Milos is no exception, offering a wide range of local products that will amaze the visitor with their taste –simplicity is a key factor here, as the raw materials are of premium quality and produced in small amounts. So, if you find yourself wandering through the street of the picturesque Milos’ chora, Pollonia, do not miss the chance to give a try to the following traditional delicacies and dishes.



# Koufeto

“Koufeto” is a small candy that is offered traditionally to the guests after the wedding ceremony; Milos’ version is a dessert based on sweet pumpkin pieces cooked in sugar, local honey and almonds, and is offered symbolically by the bride’s mother so to bring good luck and fertility to the newly-wedded couple. Whether you have wedding plans or not, the taste is unique –buy a jar to bring some back home!


# Pitarakia

“Pitarakia” means small pies, and that’s exactly what they are. Their recipe is quite simple, and you can find the dough filled with all sorts of ingredients –mostly cheese and greens cooked with herbs. The small pies are then deep fried and best served hot, ideally alongside some good quality ouzo.


# Skordolazana

The name might not be exactly inviting, but the smell and taste definitely are. This traditional dish features hand-made pasta (a kind of lasagna) that is served with skordalia (potato mash with loads of garlic) and extra tomato sauce on top of that. Extra tip: don’t forget to grate some local ladotyri (cheese preserved in olive oil) – it really makes a difference on the taste.


# Oven roasted pork with pelte sauce

Although Milos is an island, it is not paradoxically known for its fish and seafood; rather, it has a considerable production of meat and dairy products, due to the developed livestock activity. A delicious local dish is pork which slowly roasts in the oven, dressed in pelte sauce (which is a tomato sauce made by the local, very sweet and tasty tomatoes). Each bite melts in your mouth. Ideally accompanied by the traditional kouloura, a barley-based rusk.

Hungry enough? Ferries to Milos depart frequently from the port of Piraeus in Athens, promising a feast that will please your inner foodie!


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