Why ferries from Rafina can be more convenient than Piraeus?

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Ferries from Rafina are more convenient than Piraeus?

Over the last years, more and more ferries are departing from the port of Rafina, a nice seaside town on the northeastern side of Attica. Still the majority of ferries run from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, but many tourists find it easier to start from Rafina their ferry tip to the Greek islands. How is it and ferries from Rafina are more convenient than ferries from Piraeus?

Closer to the airport

The port of Rafina is much closer to the airport of Athens than Piraeus. Only 10 km from the airport, Rafina can be accessed in 15 min taxi drive and in 25 min by bus. There are also regular buses from Athens airport to Rafina in summer, with schedules running almost every 30 min. Piraeus is about 35 min by taxi from the airport of Athens, 1 hour by bus and 75 min by metro.

Ferries to most popular islands

In summer, ferries from Rafina serve the most popular islands of the Cyclades group, including Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Syros, Andros and Tinos. Therefore, the port of Piraeus is released from a large number of travelers and tourists avoid large crowds when embarking on the ferry.

Easier to find tickets in high season

As the majority of tourists to the Greek Islands depart from Piraeus, it is easier to find tickets to popular islands from Rafina, especially in high season.

Ferry trip is shorter

As Rafina is located in close distance to islands of northern Cyclades, it takes less time to get there by ferry. For example, the ferry trip from Rafina to Mykonos is 2 hours with highspeed ferry while the trip from Piraeus to Mykonos takes 4 hours.

Tickets can be less expensive

As the ferry trip from Rafina to the islands of Cyclades is shorter, some tickets can be less expensive, especially in low tourist season (all months except July and August).

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