Worth-Visiting Beaches on Milos

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Milos constitutes one of the most popular tourist destination in the Cyclades due to its beautiful beaches and its unique landscape. It is considered an ideal island for couples who wish to relax, to spend their holidays together and to enjoy the romantic sunset. However, it is also an excellent choice for the adventurers who are willing to explore the island’s hidden secrets and of course, its enchanting beaches. If you are interested in discovering Milos, you can simply book a ferry ticket. There are several ferry schedules from Piraeus, Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Ios, as well as from other Greek Islands too. The best incentive to visit Milos is to swim in the emerald waters of its beaches.


#Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is an impressive beach located on the north-east part of Milos. It is one of the most mentioned beaches all over Milos due to its white, rocky landscape; the whole beach was formed by a volcanic eruption and it looks like a moon terrain. Sarakiniko Beach used to be the refuge of the Saracens, the wild pirates of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is not organized, so if you should carry a towel, a sunscreen lotion and an umbrella with you when you visit it.


#Tsigrado Beach

A perfect choice for Milos’ adventurers is Tsigrado, a sandy beach with turquoise waters and little caves surrounded by gorgeous cliffs. Tsigrado is an exotic, unorganized beach which can be reached if you climb some steep stairs or by the sea (boat). Tsigrado is situated in the south part of the Island close to Provatas Beach. If you are interested in visiting the beach with your kids, you can take the boat instead of climbing the stairs because it is safer.


#Firiplaka Beach

Next to Tsigrado, on the south part of Milos, you will find Firiplaka Beach, one of the most popular beaches of the Island. Firiplaka is famous for its Cave Rock, a big rock which is located in the coast of the beach and which was formed by another volcanic eruption that happened in the past.The beach is not organized, but it has small pebbles and you can enjoy the beautiful rocky scenery around.


#Provatas Beach

Provatas is a family, organized beach which is also known as “the Golden Beach” due to the golden sand of the coast. The waters of Provatas are shallow and crystal clear, so it is much safer for little kids. If you feel hungry after your swim, you can pay a visit to the nearby taverns in order to taste some seafood dishes.



Achivadolimni or Chivadolimni is a popular and clean beach easily accessible by car and by public transportation. This is the beach of kitesurfers/windsurfers thanks to the strong winds during May-late September. This is another sandy beach suitable for families with young children and for watersport athletes. If you are thinking about visiting Milos with your friends, there is a Camping area available close to Achivadolimni.


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