Greek Hidden Treasures 11: Koufonisia

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Koufonisia is a complex of two islands, Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, which lies southeastwards of Naxos. This complex also consists of a third islet named Keros which was inhabited in prehistoric times and it was a place where, around 2500 B.C, the Cycladic civilization thrived. Excavations revealed a Cycladic period settlement, along with many artifacts, daily tools and world-famous and extremely influential flat-faced statuettes that are said to inspire Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore. Nowadays, Keros is uninhabited and is an officially protected archaeological site. Once in Cyclades, catch a ferry and witness this tiny, yet influential and full of history islet.


#About Koufonisia


Kato Koufonisi has very few inhabitants and its port is primarily anchored by fishing and tourist boats, though if you haven’t your own boat, you can always get there by ferry. Kato Koufonisi is really close to Ano Koufonisi, Keros, Schinoussa and Naxos and is the perfect destination for an excursion. In Kato Koufonisi, there is a picturesque church named Panagia that is built upon a jetty and as you can imagine,there are unspoiled, paradisiac beaches that will amaze you. It is the perfect place for all those who want to relax and become one with nature. Also, note that it is one of the best places that one can camp in Greece.

Ano Koufonisi is more densely populated than Kato Koufonisi. The settlement of Chora is picturesque, built according to the Cycladic architecture which is based on simplicity of the constructive forms. Stroll around its Chora and let yourself be lost inside its labyrinth-like, cobblestone alleys that are surrounded by variously sized white houses with blue windows. You can also rent a bike, if you feel like it!


– What to do in Ano Koufonisi

Apart from renting a bike, you can also try surfing! Pori and Platia beach are said to be the best places for windsurfing in the whole island. You should also try trekking because is a good way to discover all the treasures that this small island hides, plus, its endowed nature will certainly relax you.


– What to see in Ano Koufonisi

Its caves! Near to Pori beach, there is a place where steep rocks form caves and inside those caves you can go for the best swim in your entire life. The scenery is of incomparable beauty and no words can describe the awe that you’re bound to feel once you go there. Those caves are accessible by boat. If you’re lucky enough to be in Ano Koufonisi on August 15th, you should attend the feast of Panagia (is a religious feast dedicated to the Mother of Christ) which is the main event of the island. People go with their boats to Kato Koufonisi in order to perform a liturgy in the astonishingly beautiful Panagia church. Afterwards, they celebrate wholeheartedly.


– What to eat in Ano Koufonisi

Fish! Plenty of fresh fish cooked in every possible way!


#Where to swim


Platia, Pori, Finikas and Fanos are some of the best beaches in Koufonisia. They all have impeccable waters; swimming in there will be a life time experience. One can’t ask for anything better. Crystal-clear and brilliant blue waters, white sand and rocks along with the cyan sky create a scenery that even the best painter in the world would fail to reproduce.

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