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Greek Hidden Treasures 3: Kythira revisited

By Vanessa on 21-06-2016

Those who have visited Kythira, will always return. This is not a conclusion but a certainty, as the beauty and atmosphere of this unique island leaves visitors in awe. Kythira is located just after the south edge of Peloponnese; it is seemingly remote compared to other islands, yet this is part of its allure. Enchanting […]

Greek Hidden Treasures 2: Thassos, the island of the North

By Vanessa on 17-06-2016

Thassos is one of what we could call the “hidden treasures” of northern Greece. Situated in the very northern part of the Aegean Sea and geographically belonging to Kavala prefecture, Thassos is an ideal choice if you happen to be exploring northern Greece and would like to visit a nearby island. The island is easily […]