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Travel by ferry to Leros island

Ferries to Leros: trip to a peaceful island

One of the smallest and most relaxing islands of Dodecanese is Leros. Located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, Leros is a great destination for families with kids and tourists who need a peaceful place to unwind. The ferries to Leros run 4 times per week from Athens while there is also [...]

Folegandros ferry from Athens

Discover the secret island of Folegandros

On the western side of Cyclades, there is a fantastic island with wild atmosphere: Folegandros. Although surrounded by popular Greek islands, this is a place off the beaten track that remains away from mass tourism. Getting there is easy as the ferry to Folegandros departs daily in summer from the port of Piraeus, the main [...]

Dodecanese best islands: Patmos

South Aegean island hopping: combinations we suggest

Due to the large number of islands in South Aegean, the combinations for island hopping are innumerable. Visitors can actually find many possible and convenient island tours to visit during their holidays. Considering South Aegean as the islands of South Cyclades and of Dodecanese, we hereby present some nice island combinations for vacations. Ferries are [...]

The windmills at the port of Chios Town

Ferry to Chios, an island from the Medieval era

Located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, very close to the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, Chios is an island with authentic lifestyle and a Medieval touch that is vivid until today. The ferry to Chios departs from the ports of Piraeus or Kavala. All year round, there are also ferries to Chios from [...]

Beaches of Symi island, Dodecanese

Discover the small and cozy island of Symi

This is a small island with a very impressive architectural style. It is only one hour ferry ride from Rhodes Town and many visitors prefer it for a day trip. It has a fantastic little town, a miraculous monastery and a very vivid British ex-pat community. Which island is it? Of course, we are referring [...]

Top festivals in the Greek islands: Syros International Film Festival

Top festivals in the Greek islands

If you are coming to the Greek islands in summer, you will probably find many festivals and religious holidays taking place locally. This is a great chance for visitors to get a deep insight of the Greek culture. Although religious holidays, such as the Easter ceremonies, are very important for every location, in this section we [...]